Man Digs Secret Underground Tunnel to Lover’s Home, Will get Caught by Her Husband

A married man had a lot to explain when he was caught by her husband in his married lover’s house next to a hole in the floor that turned out to be a tunnel that led back to his house.

Mexico is famous for its network of secret underground tunnels used by drug cartels to carry their precious but illegal cargoes, but it appears that the technology is sometimes used to keep romantic affairs secret as well. Antonio, a mason from Villas del Prado 1, was having an affair with a married woman from Tijuana. To make sure no one saw that he was visiting his secret lover Pamela, the man began work on an underground tunnel that stretched from his home to the woman’s.

Photo: Facebook

Antonio used his construction experience to dig a narrow but permanent tunnel that crossed several streets from his home to that of her lover. Once it was done, they could secretly meet every time Pamela’s husband Jorge went to work. The only thing they didn’t plan was that Jorge would come home from work earlier than planned …

One day when Antonio and Pamela were finishing their affair, the woman’s husband came home and entered her. The bricklayer tried to hide from the angry husband, crawled under the bed and disappeared into the “love tunnel”. Unfortunately Jorge looked for him all over the house and when he looked under his marriage bed he found the tunnel entrance.

The despised husband crawled himself into the secret tunnel and ended up in Antonio’s house, where the desperate bricklayer asked him to keep quiet because his wife was in the next room and he did not want her to find out about his extramarital escapade. That made Jorge even more angry and the two men got into a fist fight. When the shocked woman saw a strange man beating her husband in his own house, she called the police and Antonio had no choice but to confess his infidelity.

“Love Tunnel” news and photos posted on Mexican social media last week and went viral quickly. The story was covered by national and international news agencies, with Antonio making comparisons with the drug king El Chapo.

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