Man dressed as joker arrested, injured 17 in Tokyo train

On Sunday evening, many people in the passenger metro train were attacked by a Japanese person who was 27 years old with a joker costume named Kyota Hattori, after the attack 17 people were noticed as injured by him. Most of the witness passengers say that the suspect was wearing a purple suit with a green shirt. He made his first attack by setting up a fire using fire liquid spray all over the carriage. Due to this incident, all the passengers were frightened and jumped out of windows and some people ran throughout the compartments to keep themselves safe from the fire.

Some people say that “this might be a Halloween stunt” one of the witnesses stated that “I saw a strange man walking by holding a long knife with a waving hand”.

According to the case report, this attack happened around the local time 20:00 in the Kokuryo station, Western Suburbs. The media passes the statements to arrest the man on the spot who attempted a public attack in the railway station.

Most of the news channels outlet the witness statements that “he was adored by the joker character which he saw and got inspired by the batman comics” in this batman comics joker is portrayed as a supervillain. In the year 2019 the movie name “Joker” gave a super big hit in the movie industry and people say that this scene is featured in the movie too where Joaquin Phoenix attacks the people on train because he was repeatedly harassed by the men on the train. These pivotal moments are captured in the movies.

NHK news stated that “the suspect is mentally trapped in the thoughts of killing someone since June because he lost his job and lost his friends” police say that these certain incidents had changed him into a joker as he looked up to him.

The Tokyo fire department reported that 3 people were severely injured by the wounds due to the fire set up by the suspect in the train. Some local media channels reported that one elder man fell and was unconscious due to a stabbing attack on him.

Some videos got leaked on the train attack incident by passengers which were recorded by their mobile phones. These videos were now viral on all the local news channels and social media platforms.

This horrifying incident created a panic moment everywhere in the railway station and this case is under a violent crime and identified as a rare incident by high-profile knife attacks compared to the very recent years.

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