Man Spends Over $400 Treating Limping Canine, Solely to Study It Was Solely Imitating Him

A British man who had spent around £ 300 on veterinary bills after limping his dog learned that there was nothing wrong with the animal and that he was allegedly limping out of sympathy for him.

Russell Jones could not hobble after breaking his ankle in an accident last year. One day when Russel was walking his dog Billy, he noticed that the dog was limping too. On another occasion, while hobbling around the house, his partner Michelle noticed that Billy was somehow copying him, and they called a vet to have the dog checked out. It was only after paying about £ 300 ($ 410) for x-rays and exams that he learned that Billy was only imitating his walk out of sympathy.

“Basically the next day [after breaking his ankle] As I hobbled through the house, Michelle noticed that he was somehow copying me. That raised concerns that something was wrong with him, so we called the vet, ”Jones told ITV’s This Morning. “He came in because of social distancing [to the vets] Usually, and when he came out they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. On the other hand, he started to limp so Michelle filmed it. ”

The London-based couple became even more suspicious when they saw the eight-year-old Lurcher sprinting in the garden when Russell was away. A video of Russel and Billy hobbling while taking a walk has gone viral on social media. Most viewers are amazed at the dog’s acting skills.

“He’s copying you. This is great! Although you have my sympathy for the vet bill, “commented one person.

“He came out with you! Quick recovery for both of you, ”wrote someone else.

Although some have expressed doubts that Billy was only imitating his human master, claiming that there may be something wrong with his foot that the x-ray did not capture, a 2011 study found evidence of “automatic imitation” in dogs. Scientists have found that dogs mimic their owners even when it is not in their best interests.

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