Manisha Malik Age, Father (Vlogger Karl Rock’s Wife)

Who is Manisha Malik? And why we are discussing of her? Manisha is an Indian national who is married to the YouTuber and vlogger personality Karl Rock. The latest news is that the Indian government banned him from coming to India. This matter got sparked on the social media and came into the headlines.

Karl Rock is a New Zealand blogger and YouTube personality. He travels to different countries to make the vlog for the channel. He knows to speak in English and Hindi.

Right now he is blacklisted for travelling to India and hence not able to meet his wife living in New Delhi. He left India to travel to Pakistan and Dubai. He wants to know the reason why government blacklisted him to travel back to India.

Who is Manisha Malik?

Manisha Malik is the wife of the vlogger Karl Rock. Both were residing in New Delhi. Karl was born on 2 November 1990 and he is 30 years old. Manisha is also content maker who has thousands of followers on the Instagram profile. She hails from the Haryana district.

The couple married to each other few years ago. Karl visited to India on tourist visa.

Why Karl Rock Blacklisted?

According to the government statement, Karl banned from travelling to Indian because of violations of visa conditions on doing business on tourists visa.

Karl claimed that he is blacklisted because he left Indian to travel to Pakistan and Dubia. The petition filed to the Delhi court in this situation. The matter is now moved to the courts. The petition filed from the Karl Rock’s wife Manisha and his family who lives in Haryana.

According to Manisha, her husband followed all the laws and regulations. He was granted x-2 visa which allows him to marry and live with wife in India. His visa will expire in the 2024. Karl visited the country first time in 2013. She claimed that government is violating fundamental right to life and dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution.

Few Facts of Karl Rock

Karl Rock is famous on Instagram with over 107K follower.

He is very much attached to the Indian culture and life.

The Tweets with hashtag #bringbackrock started trending on the Twitter.

Karl tagged the PM Modi, Delhi CM and New Zealand minister in his recent tweet.

He travelled to all the UTs and states of the India.

He is a big fan and follower of the YouTube PewDiePie.

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