Maralee Nichols Instagram pictures (Personal Trainer of Tristan Thompson)

NBA player Tristan Thompson announced the news of his third child with Maralee Nichols. Who is she? Maralee is the personal trainer of the player. The mother who may give birth this month has also been embroiled in an ongoing paternity battle over the baby’s father that dates back to last year when it was determined he fathered her two older children before marriage and just one of many incidents where someone close to him got pregnant by mistake. The news is highly viral on social media because this is a shocking. No one expected Maralee Nichols in the life of player.

Who is Maralee Nichols?

Maralee Nichols works as the fitness trainer. Thompson was in a committed relationship with another woman, but he cheated on her and Nichols is now seeking support.

Maralee is a 31-year-old woman who lives in USA with family. She was doing business in real estate after moving to Los Angeles.

She claims the two began having relations when Thompson traveled to Houston for an NBA basketball game between his team the Los Angeles Lakers and their archrival Dallas Mavericks.

She is educated and well qualified in business.

Maralee Nichols and Tristan Thompson Relationship

Tristan has always been the type of man who knows how to keep up with his woman. He’s got a lot going on in more ways than one: Tristen and Maralee are currently engaged as per the rumors, but that didn’t stop him for getting head over heels with someone else personal trainer by day.

A recent lawsuit from this past weekend revealed new details about an affair between Thompson (with Nichols) which eventually led her down pregnancy road though she claims it shouldn’t have happened. She also filed the lawsuit against the player. The things will emerge after the report will be shared in media.

Maralee Nichols Instagram profile

NBA player Tristan Thompson is expecting his third child with the assistance of personal trainer Maralee Nichols, according to a recently released lawsuit. The couple was said to have conceived during their 30th birthday celebrations in March and they are both thrilled at this new development.

The Maralaee Nichols Instagram is now flooded after she went viral on social media. She instantly gained followers on profile.

The fans reacted to the lawsuit and extended their support for NBA player. It is not confirmed whether Tristan and Maralee are in relationship or not.

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