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Is Marina Ovsyannikova Arrested: Woman Interrupts state TV

The woman’s name is Marina Ovsyannikova and she ran onto live TV as a protest against the Ukrainian War. She works for Pervyi Kanal, which means ‘First Channel.’ The brave editor held up her sign that said “Stop war! Don’t believe propaganda!” Continue reading for more information about Marina Ovsyannikova.

The news anchor carried on speaking before producers quickly cut to a report about Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

“This is Channel One,” said the woman with an subtitles voice, “the first station that broadcasted after the fall of Union.” She continued her sentence while showing clips from previous broadcasts and then turned back into live broadcasting when she saw how important it was for people around world not only understand what happened but also see all sides involved-even if they were different countries like America or Europe because we’re living right now.

The anchor tried to cover up Ovsyannikova’s voice by talking faster and shoutling louder, but it was clear she wasn’t going anywhere. They showed a recording of what happened when they finally changed topics instead – all eyes on Russia.

Even though she was employed by the television screen, Anastasia felt guilty for telling lies and giving orders to Russian people. She said: “I am very ashamed that my country had allowed this happen.”

Monday night, a Channel One editor storms the set of their nightly news broadcast and yelling “stop the war”.

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The woman who protested Russian disinformation and the Ukraine war on state television has been arrested. According to reports, Marina Ovsyannikova was taken into custody at her apartment building in St. Petersburg this morning before being transferred onto Ministry of Interior agents waiting outside for over two hours while they waited paperwork through customs formalities present there too. It’s not clear why she wasn’t brought directly away from home but it seems like something pretty serious might’ve happened because police detain suspects often without explanation these days-especially those doing things like peaceful activism which doesn’t harm anyone else whatsoever.

Marina Ovsyannikova, a news anchor on Pervyi Kanal (Channel One) held up an index card that read “Stop the war!” and accused propaganda of lying to viewers about Russian involvement in Ukraine. As per the reports, she has been taken into the custody. Marina has been arrested by police of Russian authorities. She may face the different charges as she interrupts state TV.

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