Mark Godale Runner Death, Obituary of OH racing legend athlete

Who was Mark Godale? Runner with great racing records passed away 

We heard about the death news of the professional runner or racer Mark Godale on the social media. The fans posted a status paying tribute to the runner. What happened to him? How did he died? According to our sources,  it has been confirmed that Godale died from heart attack. He passed away at an age of 51 years. As we can also see discussion about his professional running career and records on the social media comments. Mark Godale was a professional runner. He made different records on American soil. Also, he appeared in the number of tournaments where represented his city and country. Read more of Mark Godale’s age, professional life and records.

Who was Mark Godale?

Mark Godale, a runner and racing industry icon who became known for his passion in art design passed away on Monday June 13th. He obtained an BFA from University of Akron with minors in Graphic Design & Illustration as well as being a Aurora High School graduate-we learned about this through social media publication only recently because he didn’t like attention so much that it wasn’t until now where we can remember all those great memories.

Mark Godale Professional Career

Mark Godale is the title winner of Track & Field Ultra Runner of the Year in 1999 USA. The Boston Marathon is one of the most prestigious races in all existence. Held on US soil, it boasts a huge following and internationally renowned as well. 27 consecutive finishes means that this runner has completed 162 marathons without any breaks over 24 hours – talk about commitment?

His ultrarunning career is one that would make any endurance enthusiast drool with envy. He set an American record for 24 hours in 1999 and was a 5-time Western States finisher, finishing third on two separate occasions.

mark godale death

Mark Godale Death Cause

According the different media reports, the runner died because of heart attack. He was 51 years old. Many fans and professional athletes paid tribute to the star. One user wrote that, ‘The racing legend and Obituary Runner, Mark Godale died at age 51. He leaves behind an incredible legacy of success that will be felt for years to come in the world of auto racing’.

Godale believed that there’s nothing more satisfying than running. The breeze against your face, the sound of sneakers hitting pavement, it all feels like part of an unbreakable bond between you and this earth beneath us.

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