Marko Grilc Snowboard star dead in accident: wife and Instagram

Snowboarder Marko Grilc died in snowboarding accident when practicing for an upcoming competition, it sent shock waves through the industry. He was one of many Champions to have recently passed away including 4 times X Games Medalist and winner at both Air & Style as well WorldCup Finals with several other titles under his belt such ATour Winner JWorld Championships etc. He was the famous snowboarder personality in world. As per reports, he died in accident. He was in his vehicle because of which this tragedy occurred. What is Marko Grilc death cause?

Who was Marko Grilc?

Legendary snowboarding legend Marko Grilc recently died in a tragedy. His passing has left many of his fans and loved ones heartbroken, with some even paying tribute to their fallen hero through social media posts on Instagram or Facebook mourning the loss of such an inspiring person who inspired them throughout life’s journey.

He was the snowboarder who engaged to his love. His fiance name is Nina Grilc. Marko mentioned about his girlfriend in an interview. Only this much is known about snowboarder’s family and wife.

His demise is a big shock to his fans and country. He was a professional sports guy in Slovenia.

marko grilc
Marko Grilc family

Marko Grilc Death Cause

Marko was not wearing a helmet while snowboarding and he lost his balance. He then hit what is called an “inversion,” which is where there’s something on top of him like rocks or trees (or other things). This caused Grilc to get injured either in the head or face area, depending how you want to look at it. The country’s media covered the death news report of Marko. The medical team also arrived on scene but it was very late. He passed away from head injury.

Even in 2016, Grilc badly injured his back while snowboarding. He was immediately rushed to the hospital after suffering a terrible accident on ski slopes. Learn more of his family and instagram profile.

Marko Grilc Family

Marko Grilc was a family man. He shared number of pictures on Instagram with his kids and wife. The family loves to explore new things and travel. Grilc won different medals and titles in snowboarding. He is a X games medalist, World cup winner and many more.

On Instagram, Grilc is having 243K followers.

We learned that his wife is also pregnant at the moment with her third child.

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