MC Todfod Death – How did rapper Dharmesh Parmar died?

The world has lost another great talent. Mc TodFod, a popular Mumbai-based rap artist was found dead Saturday morning in his apartment after being admitted there last week with critical injuries sustained during an accident that afternoon according to authorities at this time it’s unclear what caused them or how old he actually is but either way everyone who knew him felt fortunate enough knowing they’ll never forget you Dharmesh Parmar. MC Todfod was a well-known rapper from India whose death news is very saddening and shocking for the fans. His death cause will be revealed later after police investigation.

Who was MC Todfod?

Mc TodFod was a rapper whose real name is Dharmesh Parmar. He was a growing music artist from local town. The young rapper had been on the path to inevitable success but his journey was cut short. His death brought sorrow and sadness for those that loved him, especially since they knew how much more he could’ve done with all of this time if only.

Heavenly Father please take good care over us- especially when we’re going through difficult times like losing a loved one or being faced by an obstacle which seems insurmountable.

MC Todfod Death Cause

Rapper Mc TodFod, who went by the name of Dharmesh Parmar was an Indian hip hop artist. He passed away last week as per reports from local media outlet and we don’t have any further details on his death at this time because there are still a few more things needed before it can be announced publicly so please stay tuned for updates.

The news of the popular rap star’s passing came as a shock to many. Many fans mourned on the death of the the rapper on social media and posted the tribute message. May his soul rest in peace.

MC Todfod Career and Family

Dharmesh is an Indian who’s done significantly well in the last couple of years. Along with his whole crew, they’re putting forward Hindi and Gujrati ahead of other languages because he grew up here where it’d be most commonly spoken at home by family members too.

It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to one of the most influential and loved artists in hip hop. His music will live on forever through his masterpiece, which stands as an epic achievement even without its author present for us all too soon lose him too soon.

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