Meals Artist Creates Edible Portraits of Standard Anime Characters

Kaisefu Mudazono is a self-taught food artist who uses all kinds of ingredients, from dried seaweed and pickled vegetables to ham and rice to create the most amazing edible works of art.

When it comes to food art, it’s hard to find anything more adorable and at the same time more impressive than kyaraben (or charaben), the Japanese art form of arranging different foods to create eye-catching designs. When done right, kyaraben is almost too good to eat, and Kaisefu Mudazono is definitely a master at it. Whether she expresses her creative talent on a bento box or on the bowls of her grandchildren, she always manages to impress.

Photo: @ kaisefu_mudazono / Instagram

Kaisefu Mudazono’s impressive portfolio of Kyaraben masterpieces spans a variety of subjects, from original designs to Disney characters, but it is her anime portrait series that recently caught the public eye.

From heroes of anime classics like Yu Yu Hakusho to current fan favorites like Jujutsu Kaisen, the talented food artist can bring virtually any manga or anime character to life as an edible work of art.

You can find more of Mudazono’s amazing kyaraben art on her Instagram and Twitter profile.

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