Meet the Solid of HBO Max’s Gossip Lady Reboot

HBO max gossip Girl Restart introduces us to the next generation of Manhattan’s elite. After production was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, the series was filmed in NYC in November. The show is set to take place eight years after the dark of the original Gossip Girl site and features a handful of new students from Constance Billard School for girls and St. Jude’s School for boys when they are introduced to the infamous site. While most of the show’s details are being kept under wraps, HBO Max recently revealed a handful of character names on Instagram, along with some powerful descriptors like “style,” “power,” and “innocence”.

While there’s no word yet on whether the original cast will perform, Kristen Bell returns as the voice of Gossip Girl herself. You know you love it! Read on to find out who has signed up for the restart so far.

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