Mekbul Timmer Death – Son of Jeff Timmer and family

Jeff Timmer, a political communications strategist and public affairs expert has announced that his son Mekbul died in an accident. While there is not much information available at this time regarding the cause of death or how old he may have been when it happened; we do know for sure that Jeff will be missed by all who knew him – both professionally as well personally.” Mekbul Timmer’s death officially announced on the Twitter (son of Jeff Timmer).

Jeff has a knack for helping organizations stay on top of the issues that matter most. Whether it’s shaping public opinion or delivering messages, he knows how to get things done from start-to finish with his guidance and communications expertise in high profile matters at all levels throughout America

He provides big picture Guidance & Communications For Top Firms; Trade Groups ; political Org., Candidates And Campaigns. Jeff is a known personality in USA. The death of his son Mekbul Timmer is a heartbreaking news.

Who was Mekbul Timmer?

Mekbul Timmer was the son of Jeff Timmer. The reason of death of Mekbul is not informed in media.

Fans and colleagues of Jeff Timmer responded to the news of his co-worker’s death. One Twitter post from Paul King read “I literally had sit down when I read this; he never met me but knows how much we loved each other.”

Jeff Timmer Family

Jeff Timmer is an award-winning director, producer and advertiser who has been creating eye catching broadcast advertising for over 20 years. He’s also known as one of Michigan’s most well connected politicians with the ability to affect change at both state level politics as well issues advocacy through strategy consulting on how best you communicate your message.

The Lincoln Project also posted an official message expressing their condolences to Jeff’s son and support to the Timmer family.

Mekbul Timmer Death Cause

lincoln project

The cause of death of Jeff Timmer’s is not known right now.

Mekbul Timmer, a young political advisor and son of Jeff and Mattie died Tuesday morning in an accident that has left many questions unanswered. His body was found by friends after they went looking for him when he did not show up at work as usual.

Timmer is a well-known political analyst who has advised Ohio Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign in 2016. He appears regularly on news channels providing the latest updates about current events and politics, especially when it comes to analyzing candidate performance or predictability of election outcomes based off recent polls with specific demographics like gender etc.

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