Met Gala 2021 Spots Sudha Reddy Wife of Megha Krishna Reddy

Met gala (fashion biggest night out) is the fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The event welcomes celebrities, young innovators and industry experts. People wait for this event for a year to see the outfits of their favorite celebrities. The celebs have come in attractive, uncommon and unconventional looks at Met Gala red carpet. The theme of the Met Gala 2021 was ‘American Independence’. So guys I will tell you about the details of the events like which celebs participate in the event and also about the meanings of the phrase of some celebs mention on their outfits.

Some of the face like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson were common in the event. But some new faces have made their presence in the event. These are Billie Eilish, The tennis champion Naomi Osaka and United States Congressmen Alexandria Ocasio. These new beauties increase the glamour of the Red Carpet.

Now let us look on some of the amazing statements at the outfits of the celebrities at Met Gala.

Billie Eilish- OSCAR DE LA RENTA

She was looking gorgeous at the event. She was looking as a mixer of prince and as classier lady. She has given the statement where she was saying she wanted to do something like this and she was super happy that she have finally done this and proved herself. She was not very comfortable with her skin but now she is happy.

Cara Delivering in Dior

She was wearing bulletproof white Jacket. There was a statement on the jacket “Peg the Patriarchy”. The sentence meaning was ‘Female Empowerment’. She was wearing it with white pants.

Alexandria Ocasia Cortez

She was the new comer to the event. She was wearing white off shoulder dress. The dress was having statement “TAX THE RICH”.

Iman in Harris Reed

She was wearing something unique, white and golden dress with many furs on the dress.

This year Met Gala was amazing with unique dresses and glamorous looks of the celebs.

Indian Lady Sudha Reddy at Event

Sudha Reddy is an Indian who spotted at the event of Met Gala 2021. She is the wife of the real estate businessman Megha Krishna Reddy of Hyderabad. He is a billionaire personality from India who is managing director of Megha Engineering and Infrastructure. Sudha Reddy was the only Indian who was invited at the Met Gala event. She weared a golden gown at the event.

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