Michael Sheen Wife Anna Lundberg joins Celebriy Gogglebox

Anna Lundberg is a star who joined the celebrity Gogglebox which is lined up for cancer treatment by supporting a stand-up this Friday night. Michael Sheen has also paired up with her in the show to cast this charity event for cancer.

On a kick-off today at 7:30 pm, this is going to be an annual television event that features the celebrity specials and clips that are portrayed as most-loved programs. This vent also includes celebrity bake-off at the Sunday brunch and some personal stories of the cancer patients.

After some long sessions, at 9 pm multi-award-winning and ever-popular gogglebox will return the special episode with a full-on entertainment of celebrities by including some famous personalities to join this Britain’s favorite opinionated viewers.

The first pair of this show has been popularized by Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg. This pair is now announced as the first celebrity ever with a special air on October 15, Friday.
These both people, Anna is known as Swedish actress with 27 years and Michael is 52 years, he was born in Newport and bought up in Port Talbot. This couple was spotted dating in the year 2019 and shared Lyra, a two-year-old daughter of Michael.

On the birth of Lyra, Michael was very proud of himself and confessed that “I’m very happy to say that on Monday at 8:41 am my beautiful daughter was born, I feel very thankful for Louise and brilliant midwives of singleton hospitals”

In a recent show BBC comedy, she has stared beside David, Georgia, and Michael.

Coming to the event of gogglebox cast, Anna and Michael stated that “by supporting this brilliant cause such as stand up to cancer, this will mean a lot to both of us” we had a lot of fun by filming and were glad that we could join this gogglebox family to play our part in 2021.

Anna and Michael have shared their wonderful experiences on Instagram by posting that “gogglebox is a huge obsession that doesn’t leave us and we were so thrilled during the event which will be remained a very special evening throughout my life”

Many celebrities are going to join this gogglebox household as a regular event that shows best friends, pairs, and families as well to cherish the gogglebox event forever.

Anna Lundberg have 20K followers on her Instagram profile. She is the mother of two kids. Anna is an actor, mother and wife. She lives with husband and kids in UK.

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