Mike Cross of Sponge Band Death and Obituary

We have heard a lot about musicians lately. But what about Mike Cross? If you are looking and waddling around searching for information relating to Mike Cross, then you are at the right place indeed. So, we have setup all the information and details, which you can find in this very article. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

Who was Mike Cross?

Mike Cross was born on 25th October, 1946. His current occupation is American singer-songwriter and musician. He has been keen about music from a very early age and took his flight for his career in music right after his schooling. But it was surely challenging as making a career in music cannot be an easy task.

Competition hikes a lot and people tend to like different music genre from time to time. His main focus of genre was ‘Folk’. He have played various instruments such as Vocals, guitar, fiddle, and foot in his career. This 75 years old musician has been active since 1970s till present.

Sponge Band Member

He have been a part of the Sugar Hill since ages now. His song ‘Child Prodigy’ sure won a lot of awards and became extremely famous by time. Cross goes around different countries, and enjoy live performances. He loves to be around fans, and enjoy humorous songs such as ‘The Scotsman’. He loves to work around other artists and doesn’t have any egoist behaviour. Well, it is a comfortable journey to work with Mike Cross.

Eventually, his career last notable song was ‘Crossin’ Carolina’ in 2012, or maybe it was his last discography.

Mike Cross Career

Mike Cross is indeed one of the greatest musicians that the world got. We hope that he moves on releasing some more music to entertain the crowd. The roams around the world dwindling of live performances, and hopefully create a comfortable music era since 1970s. With many music composers under his name, he is surely a legendary artist. Tag along and follow us for some more information relating to Mike Cross. We hope to keep you updated as we get any other news or information about the great musician.

It’s always a treat when Mike Cross releases new music. We hope that he continues to give the world his signature sound, because there isn’t another musician like him in this day and age who can make an audience feel so emotions with just their instrument alone.

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