Mikeneko Rushia and Korekore Vtuber Twitter reply and Instagram

The Vtubers and virtual personalities are growing rapidly on social media. Mikeneko Rushia is the popular Vtuber who is known for live stream videos and entertaining fans. Rushia is an entertainer from Japan who became viral quickly in the fans. Vtuber stands for Virtual tuber who works to make graphic content and appear on the live streams. Generally, they didn’t reveal their identity and real name to the fans. Rushia is a popular streamer on the Hololive platform. She is in news because Rushia has been banned from Hololive platform. It is not cleared why she leaked in media and why she banned to go live on platform?

Who is Mikeneko Rushia?

Mikeneko Rushia is a Japanese vTuber who is popular and very talented. She had signed a contract with Hololive but now it has been terminated because of the policy breach.

With her face covered, Uruha Rushia has done an incredible job at maintaining the mystery in her videos. She uploads content with just voice and avatar for now but one video claims to show who she really is and no confirmation yet though.

The constant drama amongst other YouTuber creators has been getting out of hand on Twitter. However, Korekore handles it well with his cool.

The never ending dispute between different social media users can be a problem for many.

VTuber Korekore

Korekore is a VTuber who has many followers on Instagram and subscribers on YouTube channel.

There have been many speculations about Rushia’s suicide on the internet. Recently, Twitter has become a field of drama where her Vtuber bio has been trending and people are wondering if it is true or not? But so far there hasn’t been any official report from mainstream media nor they are speaking up concerning this incident which leaves us with only our own assumptions as sources but one thing remains certain: we won’t know what truly happened until more information becomes available.

Why Rushia terminated?

The excitement started building early this year when Rushia, an aspiring 3D modeler announced that she would be releasing a new project. Within two days of the announcement and without any hesitation at all for how difficult or complicated it might seem some people thoughtfully replied with encouragement which gave rise even more interest.

Now her contract with Hololive is terminated. It is because of the policy violation. The exact reason why she has been fired will be available later.

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