Model Big Bambina on Instagram trans, Dillon Brooks New girlfriend

Big Bambina is the new girlfriend of Dillon Brooks (Real name of Trans model) – check Fact

Dillon Brooks is a popular Canadian basketball player. He is now facing trouble because of the latest accusations from her ex-girlfriend. He has been in touch this season despite an ankle injury. He’s currently dating Big Bambina, according to his ex-girlfriend Heather who accused him of being intimate with transgender models while they were still together.

In the end though it looks like things are going well for the tennis player as he recently posted on social media that she is “the love” after calling off their engagement last year. Read Big Bambina real name and career of trans model.

Who is Big Bambina?

Big Bambina is a Instagram trans model. With a following of 1.2 million on her Instagram account, she is the envy of many models and actresses. The output was not only an interesting take but also included some important information that you may have never known about this personality – such as how much money she makes from her profession.

Big Bambina on Instagram

The transgender community has been hit with reports of celebrities hitting up willing participants. While Brooks and Big Bambina are said to be keeping things quiet, it remains unclear.

She is a trans model with millions of followers on her official Instagram page. The exact number was not known but something around 1.2 million people follower ship hers. She has been featured in magazines like Bold magazine and GQ India among others where they talk about what it’s like being both models and being transgender at once.

Dillon Brooks New girlfriend

Brooks is having a great season with the Grizzlies, but he’s not just focused on basketball. The Memphis star has been juggling his job as third leading scorer while taking care of other tasks including snagging himself an Instagram model. Users are sharing the new theories on the Dillon Brooks new girlfriend and relationship with Big Bambina.

Big Bambina life and career

Reports have circulated that Brooks is dating Big Bambina, the model who has been seen at Grizzlies games this season. It’s reported she sits courtside every time he takes her out to watch him play. As per the reports, Big Bambina is a transgender. Her real name and current net worth is still a mystery. The model appeared in the international photoshoot events and now dating a sports star.

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