Model Pasha Bleasdell Instagram, dead at early age from brain tumor

Who was Pasha Bleasdell? The iconic Hot in Herre model passes away from brain tumor

Tragic passing of stars and celebrities is nothing new but then it saddens people when it happens and it is always a very harsh affair for the people usually without any doubts at all. These deaths always affect their fans, families and friends. These tragic deaths just happen but ends up giving their followers a wound for life time usually. That is why it is always a sad affair to cover about the deaths of celebrities and other relatable topics. This time we are talking about the very famous model Pasha Bleasdell. If you have watched videos from 2000s or early then you must be knowing this glamorous model for sure.

Who was Pasha Bleasdell?

This astonishing model is actually highly known for her appearance that she had made in Hot in Herre music video of Nelly that had actually wooed many people who started to become her fans after watching her videos. She had appeared in more famous videos after getting a big break via this video. Her fame as a music video superstar and a icon that was known well for her fashion style blossomed throughout the early 2000s. She was one of the most iconic model in the world. It is heard that she actually tragically passed away due to a brain tumor issue.

Pasha Bleasdell Death Cause

The brain tumor was letting this fashion icon of early 2000s very down and was making her move to and fro for hospital check up. This lady had some great recent works and the last we saw her in the new movie Senior Year that was a really great work from here and no single person at that time knew that we are not going to see this brilliant icon again. Our prayers and condolences are there for her.

Fans reaction on social media

Holland was one of the most iconic models in history. It is said that she passed away from a brain tumor issue, but her management hasn’t confirmed this information as yet and there are continuing searches to find out more details about how exactly it happened.

In those days before social media was filled with scrolling through photos on your phone or computer screen endless hours waiting for them all finally load up so you could see what happened over day sometimes even multiple times if something exceptional occurred while awaiting news.

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