Moira Dela Torre Husband Jason Marvin debunks rumors on splitting up

Jason Marvin and Moira Dela Torre breakup rumors gone viral among fans 

Many people are interested in the couple getting married especially if it is from celebrity side of view. One such couple is on trending talks that are making headlines for various reasons. The couple is none other than Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez. Both of these people are Kapamilya singer. Few days ago, they have announced their marriage on social media. We could see their love showering on all the Instagram posts that they shared. But what happened suddenly that the couple are making headlines right now? To know more follow us till the very end.

Moira has unfollowed Jason on Instagram, this happened lately and people are really keen to know why? Even though it was just a question lying around, but is the couple still going to marry each other? Even after this situation took place, we can still find Jason’s Instagram having all Moira Dela Torre photos. The together photos of the couple can still be found on Jason’s Instagram handle. One of the fan of the couple brought up this question that why did Moira delete all the images? We are still keen to know about it.

Moira’s Instagram account clearly shows that she is on a trip to overseas with other artists including Mimiyuhh. But we cannot see Jason anywhere in the pictures. Maybe Jason didn’t tag along the other artists. This is what is creating hype on the celebrity trending news that what exactly is happening between Jason and Moira. Most recently another thing that speculated was Moira removing Hernandez from her surname. Is the couple really departing? Why would it be so sudden? The answers are awaited from the couples soon.

Since Moira is on her trip to overseas, we cannot really get any legit information from her. So it is best that we wait to know more information relating to the couple. We hope that everything is fine between Moira and Jason and things become fine soon. Till then stay tuned to know more updates relating to couple and more interesting news.

Moira Dela Torre is a young and popular Filipino actress who has 169K followers on the Instagram profile. She is also a music lover and composed few songs in the pop genre. Her husband Jason Marvin is a success singer-songwriter in Philippines. Their both combined net worth is $1.6 million.

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