Mollie Fitzgerald: Captain America Acress played what role in movie


Well known for playing role in Captain America 2011, the actress Mollie Fitzgerald was arrested
for the charge of stabbing her mother on December 31, 2019. Fans are curious to know what role did she played in the Captain American movie.

The incident took place two years back in 2019, when 68 years old Patricia Fitzgerald found
dead in her home Olathe, Kansas with a stab wound. The Law enforcement officers of Olathe
departments arrested her daughter for the murder case. Mollie claimed that she had hit her
mother in self defence but the higher authorities reported that she was of aggressive manner and
agitatedly stabbed her mother 4 times in the back.

Mollie bail was set at $500,000. But she was the ongoing part of the repeated trial of her mother
murder case. There was a trial in September, but as the TMZ reported that Mollie is mentally
unfit and is currently in Kansas Mental Hospital. Her attorney, Jason Billam told to the court that
she is in the state mental hospital for the treatment. The process of trial is at hold for a time being
until she is back in the normal state of mind. At every 90 days her mental health state is being

Further we were reported that, she is being treated under the 3 doctors and the court is also
satisfied with her mental reports. 2 of the 3 doctors conclude that Mollie is not in the state to
address her attorney in providing a defence clues. She is being confused about how is the overall
process of judicial works. She is well aware that she is being charged for her mother murder
case. She also understands the roles of her attorney, prosecutors and the judge.

Talking about little more to the Captain America actress, her nick name is Una. She is a director
and producer. She is better known for The Creeps (2017), Captain America, the first Avenger
(2011) and for The Lawful Truth (2014). She also have some experience as an assistant to the
Film’s director Joe Johnston.

In 2019, she was also engaged in one of the controversy. She believed that there is a nano-tech
microwave chip in her brain which is implanted by FBI NASA when she had gone dental
treatment. She that’s why tweeted continusoly to the US Army Chief of Staff and the Naval
Operations Chief to remove these allegations. This time she is in now big trouble for killing charges and other things.

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