Motel Nueva Castilla Debanhi Escobar case solved as body found

Missing Teen Debanhi Escobar Body Found in Motel Cistern

We have seen various cases around the world on daily basis. But the one we are going to talk about will make you feel sympathy. Debanhi Escobar’s missing case is about to turn into a murder. In the past few days, people were eager to know where Debanhi Escobar go missed. But recently the authorities have given up a statement relating that they found a body in a Motel Cistern and it can possibly belong to Debanhi Escobar. Many things are yet to be revealed, and till then stay tuned to know more.

Few days ago, Debhanhi Escobar, an 18 years old teen was reportedly found missing. Her father Mario Escobar was desperate as it was almost 13 days that his daughter didn’t come home. Later when police began their investigation, they got to know that the cab driver had left her on the middle of the road. They are still investigating with the cab driver on the reason behind him leaving her in such condition that too at late night. Things took up charge as no one had any answer of where Debhanhi was. Later some of the staff from Motel Cistern had reported something to the authorities that changed the whole scene.

The Motel staff had informed that there is some foul smell coming from an abandoned pool. They directly reported this to the authorities. Later the authorities found a body there. As per the records they assume that it belongs to Debanhi. In the hearing, the prosecutor told that before anything is concluded they would wait for the forensic reports. Debanhi parents will be allowed to look at the body in order to identify if it really belongs to her.

Things have really taken up change, stay tuned to know what change can happen now. Is the body really of Debanhi? We don’t know anything for sure. But don’t worry, we will update you soon as we get some news from our official sources. We share our deepest condolences with the family of Debanhi.

The latest update about the case is that the body has been found of the girl and police started the investigation based on the evidences found in motel. The 18-years old had made headlines when she was reported missing. The management is being interrogated after the body found in the motel. Check more latest news on AbsoluteGeneralNews.

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