Murray Kitteringham Death: Sir Joseph banks high school principal

People die and their attachment stays with as a concern to keep our life going. One such person is no more among us. As per the recent circulation of news on social media, Murray Kitteringham, who is also a principal is no more among us. People started to share their concern as they knew him very well. This also includes a message from all the students sharing their condolences to their dearly principal who died earlier this day. If you want to know everything relating to this news, then keep following our article till the very end. We shall share every bit of information that we know.

Murray Kitteringham was deputy director of DET According the information on the details on his Linkedin page. In addition there are no other tasks that can be traced. Murray Kitteringham, the vice principal of Sir Joseph Banks High School, unexpectedly passed away on 13 June 2022. He was leaving behind family and friends. The man was said to be exceptionally friendly, genuine and caring to all that he encountered. Also, he was part of the Teacher’s Federation of NSW, which is a representation of teachers at NSW school systems, TAFE institutions, and Corrective Services.

Everybody there remembers his name as someone who could make the changes society desired, and as public listener, to say it. Even though the Internet is abuzz about the immense loss we’ll suffer collectively in the wake of Murray’s death The reason for the death of Principal Murray has not been revealed. The condolence letters or memorial tributes discuss the circumstances surrounding his death. But, there is any indications that he’s suffering from illness or is suffering from a chronic illness.

We are deeply shocked and sad to announce that vice principal of Sir Joseph Banks High School, Murray Kitteringham passed away unexpectedly on June 13th 2022. He was leaving behind family and friends who described him as being exceptionally friendly.

So people are labelling the incident as shocking and unexpected but if you dig deeper into the tweets there are people who ask whether the incident was really unexpected and if it was a sign of his ill health. As of now the Sir Joseph Banks High School has not made any formal announcement. On the other hand, Jason Clare, a member of the Australian Parliament from Canberra announced his death, which makes it a reliable sources of data. He recalls being devastated when he heard of the passing from the head of school located in the neighborhood he lived in.

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