NCT 127 and Itzy Members falls off due to irresponsibility of Staff


The news came directly from the recent Korean Pop event organized on 10 th of October 2021.
The music event called “Onctact 2021 Gangam Festival K-Pop Concert” including famous artist
such as Rain, NCT 127, Brave Girls, ITZY and LABOUM. During the performance, the worst
incidents on stage made the fans worried. That the reason, the NCT fans and ITZY fans come
together and demand for the better setup and arrangements for the performance.

The fans are very much upset at the end of the event. The concert took place in outside areas and
the climate was not good at that time. The clouds were overloaded with heavy water. So, during
the day of concert there was a huge amount of water aggregate at the stage making it slippery.

During the performance, Jaehyun and Doyoung from NCT 127 had a slip while Haechan and
Johnny from the same group self control themselves before falling. Even the ITZY Lia also falls
on the stage. Seeing this type of irresponsibility towards their singers, fans demanded better stage
quality and precautions from the management and organizer.

The concert was at online platform with no audience considering the recent pandemic in mind.
At the early time the weather was very much clear but later on it was heavily raining at the
COEX building in Gangnam district. The event was organized at the roof top of the building in
an open area. The artist still performing in the heavy rain on the wet and slippery stage which
leads the NCT and ITZY members fall to the ground.

NCT 127 performing their latest track ‘Sticker’, ‘Lemonade’ and last year hit kick it, during this
last song, the group member Jaehyun fall so badly. The way he falls down from the stage was
looking very painful. But fortunately, Jaehyun stands well and continue performing. Later on,
Doyoung fall and then Lia falls off the stage. The three artists keep themselves calm and
continue their performance. Luckily, no injury took place at the event but still the management
and organizer should keep the artists protection at their priority.

The netizens and fans took no time to criticize the staff as their stars fall off from the stage because of the slippery platform. This video of the members shared on the social media where staff and organizers apologized for their mistake. This happened because of heavy rain. The staff will take care for such things next time.

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