New Voting System of Girls Planet 999 leads fans upset

Girl’s planet 999 has reached to its last edge. The time for finals rounds is not so far. For their
semifinal round, Girl’s planet chose the one pick voting system. This is for the last and final time
that the show changed their way for voting. This very change announcement is made by MNET.
Fans of the show seem distressful with this new announcement. Most of the fans estimate that
this voting system leads the Japanese and Chinese contestant at a disadvantage.

Girls Planet 999 Vote system

Talking more about the voting system, the audience are allow to use their one vote for only one
contestant out of total 18 who are in the finals. The voting will be followed in two ways. The
first half of the voting is already going on, audience can vote on Universe app till 22 nd of October
2021, 10: AM KST. And the second half or second round will be live streaming and will start on
the very same day.

Girls Planet 999 Conestants profile

Now, what is the reason behind the upset face of the fans and audience? Earlier according to the
rules, audience are allowed to choose each contestant from three of the groups that are Japanese,
Chinese and Korean but this new voting system allow 50% Korean and 50% international votes.
This seems the international contestants will be on disadvantage. There are total 18 contestants in
the finals, and 9 contestants are from Japanese and Chinese groups.

This is the South Korean reality competition show which is premiered on MNET on 6 th August
and broadcast on every Friday till its final episode on 22 nd of October. There were around 13000
who give auditions to the show. Out of these, 99 were selected and then these contestant splits
into tree group K-Group, C- Group and J- Group.


Now, all are waiting who will be the winner of the show, fans are estimating that there are more
chances of Korean groups to win. But the results will be out on 22 nd October 2021. It will be live
streaming on You Tube and IQIYI on Friday.

The new system saddened the fans. They want the old way to vote for their favorite contestant. The results will be out soon in the coming week. The title of the reality show will be given to the winner. This season we swa top cliffed competition among participants. Who will be the winner of this season? Till then stay tuned to our show.

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