New York will develop the opening of sports activities and humanities venues for baseball season, the governor says.

According to the city’s health data, the weekly average positive test rate has been close to 6.5 percent for the past few days and hasn’t fallen below 6 percent in more than three months. City officials said new virus variants likely prevented the positivity rate from falling further, and on Thursday Mayor Bill de Blasio said questions about the variants were a reason to delay the state’s reopening plans.


March 18, 2021, 8:40 p.m. ET

While the number of virus-related hospitalizations in New York state is still lower than it was at the beginning of the year when the state saw a surge in holiday gatherings, it is still significantly higher than the state’s last summer stricter hospital stays had restrictions in place.

4,582 people were hospitalized as of Wednesday, up from a high of 8,991 on Jan. 21, according to the state. As of August 30, the state had only 418 hospitalizations.

Virus-related deaths have followed a similar trend. According to the Times database, the state had an average of 89 deaths per day for the past seven days, compared to 198 on Jan. 20.

Mr. Cuomo pointed to the continued decline in recent months as a cause for optimism.

“Covid is coming down. The vaccination rates are increasing, ”said Cuomo on Thursday. “Start looking aggressively into the future and let’s get back to life and life. And get this economy working because it’s safe. “

He has also kept the state’s mask mandate, urging companies reopening to adhere to significant capacity limits, security requirements and the social distancing protocol.

Sports events require attendees to present a negative coronavirus test result or provide evidence that they have been vaccinated, similar to the requirements the state made for a Buffalo Bills playoff game in January, Cuomo said.

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