Watch Notjustinw video on Twitter, 14 year old in killed in attack

As per Wikipedia, Russia carried out a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, its southwest next-door neighbor, on February 24, 2022, signifying a remarkable escalation of the extended Russo-Ukrainian War, which started in 2014. Just days prior to the intrusion, Russia acknowledged the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk. @Notjustinw is a Twitter account which posted a video of the attack on the account which claims the death of teen girl in this missile attack.

People’s Republic as two self-proclaimed nations within Ukraine’s borders. Like numerous other Twitter accounts publishing about the Russo-Ukrainian War, Notjustinw is likewise one of those which tweets the footage of the bombing raids on Ukraine. However, it is just an assumption, presumption there are no accurate details about it. Few details about this account are available on the web. Looking at the username, we assume that the real name may be Justin and that his surname might begin with the letter W.

The operation was anticipated by a prolonged Russian military mobilization that began in early 2021, throughout which Russia required that Ukraine be lawfully disallowed from signing up with NATO. On February 21, the Russian Armed Forces stormed the Donbas area of eastern Ukraine. On February 24, at about 05:00 local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military mission in eastern Ukraine. Minutes later on, battle raids started in Ukraine, consisting of that of the capital, Kyiv.

The genuine name of the account holder is still in the dark. This account has 93 followers to date and follows 9 people. The Twitter bio of this account is “OK.” According to the account, this account user resides in Atlanta, Georgia. The user of this account joined this particular platform in November 2020. Nevertheless, it seems like the account holder has actually not tweeted much since then. Notjustinw is a Twitter account that consists of numerous tweets and videos about the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian dispute.

The number of likes and comments and the share of the tweets published on this account gradually increases by seconds this account has 93 fans to date and follows nine people. As per the account, this account user resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Stay tuned for more information on the anonymous tweets in this serious situation between the two countries.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict is in the worst mode. A video was shared on the social media in which a Russia bombing in Ukraine kills a fourteen years old girl. The viewers criticized this attack and express their concern to the dangerous war situation in war.

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