NYC medic Lauren Kwei is now a star from new job, pics and photos


Many go to New York City to fulfill their dreams of singing and dancing on Broadway. Then as you know there are many and only a few find the competitive world of show business is a successful work for them. Lauren Kwei aged 23, soon felt that this world of show business is very unfulfilling for her. How the things are going on? Let’s check this story in detail.

Becoming Paramedic Staff to give back to her community

Then she went to her groove and wanted to give back to her community, that is Kwei. As she is a daughter of a doctor and nurse, she with full desire followed their footsteps to work in medical kinds of stuff like them. She started to study emergency medicine and soon just before the pandemic started she became a paramedic.

She was given an interview and said that she was dropped down to the horrifying chaos in 48 hours. First N95 was compulsory and then the next moment they were in full-fledged PPE kit. It must have been an incident for her where she must be thinking about her life and death. She came out of all this as a brave girl although she was newly working in paramedic space.

When every inch of her body was covered by a layer of protection, it still did not ensure if she would be alive. More so, because she was the frontline worker and pretty new to paramedic works.

Lauren Kwei Earnings

Lauren Kwei, earned around 40000 USD per year like other emergency workers, unlike other frontline workers like police and firefighters. Police and firefighters are the ones who are paid the highest.

Although she loved this job, she usually felt that it is not feasible enough for her to live in that much income only.

NYC medic’s new job

After looking out for a few options, she preferred to turn towards Only fans platform. It is a website where people can post G-Rated to X-Rated content, and people posting it can make money via fans, in a subscription-based model. As many know became a highly profitable model for its owners and people like Lauren Kwei. It became one of the easier ways to become rich and not worry about not affording to pay bills.

When she came to know that her online work is violating her offline works, she immediately closed the account. That is the level of dedication all should have.

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