Obituary: Elisa Volcic Death in car accident of Stoney Creek High School

It is heart breaking to hear students dying during their core age and it has become common around the world right now. One such student, Elisa Volcic died today, i.e. on 26th of October 2021 after been in hospital for a week. She was rushed to the hospital after accident. Doctors failed to save life of her. The school admin offered their condolence to the student and informed her death to school. Know Elisa Volcic cause of death and accident.

Elisa Volcic met with an accident on 18th of October. She was a senior student from Stoney Creek High School. She was simply walking home after school, and after a mile of walking, she was hit by a junior student (from her school). This incident took place while she was crossing Tienken Road near Clear Creek Drive in Rochester Hills. The accident took place around 2:30 in the afternoon.

As per reports, she was in critical condition after the accident and was immediately taken to the hospital. She had to undergo several surgeries in order to relief the pressure from head. The medical officials said that she wasn’t responding after been brought to the hospital. Sadly, she didn’t open her eyes anytime in the past week and passed away after 7 days on 26th October.

The junior student who was the cause for accident is just 16 years old. There was no harm to the driver as he was wearing seatbelt. Authorities has stated that there wasn’t any involvement of drugs or alcohol that caused this accident. As the accident took a mile away from school, it was unexpected. Currently the authorities are still investigating the case to understand the exact reason or cause behind the accident. It is been prolonging since a week, but after Elisa passed away today, the case may look up at another turn soon.

The staff of the school or Elisa’s parents haven’t given any official statement on this accident yet. They were trying hard to save Elisa’s life. After the news today, it felt like all the prayers to save the life has gone to vain, her family wishes that her soul may rest in peace. The local authorities has guided students to drive carefully and be actively aware of their surroundings to avoid any such incident in future. We got no official statement from family yet. They are in traumatic situation after the loss of the closed ones.

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