Ohtrapstar Choppa Death, is rapper dead? age and net worth

The Cuban rapper Ohtrapaster, the singer of ‘Choppa’ passed away on 25 May. The fans reacted to the death of the rapper. His death was confirmed by numerous social media posts and affiliate links to both official music videos as well fan made ones that have been shared across platforms such YouTube where they can be watched millions times each month since its upload almost 2 years ago – his latest single “New Wave” just came out last week! This article will explore what we know so far about this talented artist who has brought us many hits over time including more than one might expect from listening solely through hearing Spotify playlists. Know the rapper Ohtrapstar death news, age, girlfriend and family.

Who was Ohtrapstar?

The tribute and condolences on Twitter have flooded in for Ohtrapstar, who many know by his real name David Garcia. However no one has revealed what caused him to pass away at only 22 years old. This is a shocking and very heart-breaking news. The rapper Ohtrapstar was very young.

The fans expressed their grief and condolence messages on the social media.

Ohtrapstar started to share his music on SoundCloud in December of 2017. His most popular song so far is “Neck Worth,” which features Icy Narco and many other talented artists.

Ohtrapstar Music Career

The singer and songwriter David Gracia, better known by his stage name Ohtrapstar has died in an event as per the media reports. People are grieving the death of this talented artist on social media with many posts about how much they’ll miss him or crying for their lost friend.”

The news of his death has not been confirmed by any official sources. However, all signs point towards it being true because no one from the group has spoken up about how false claims.

Ohtrapstar Death Cause

OhTrapstar has 108K followers on the Instagram. Everyone is curious to know the death cause of the young artist.

Miami police are investigating a deadly car accident as three people died, including one person who was in the driver’s seat and two others on board. The passengers have not been identified yet but it is believed they may be related to Lil Pump- Miami Police Department shared their condolences over this tragedy with family members during an update earlier today.

Police continued the investigation based on the evidences. The final statement will be released by the family and police department on rapper’s death.

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