Okay-pop Idol Hides His Face Behind Lengthy Bangs for a 12 months, Can Barely See in Entrance of Him

A member of a popular South Korean K-pop group has drawn a lot of attention due to his unusual hairstyle – long bangs that completely cover the top half of his face, including his eyes.

Junji (준지) is one of the seven members of OnlyOneOf, an all-male K-pop group founded in 2019. He is easy to identify among his bandmates as he has the face half of which is covered by long, blonde bangs. He’s been wearing the bizarre hairstyle since January 2020 and has therefore managed to cause a lot of buzz in the South Korean entertainment business. Some people have speculated that Junji is trying to hide his looks because he doesn’t want fans to like him just for looks, others that he just doesn’t look as good as the other six members, but the most important thing is that they were talking about him a lot.

Photo: OnlyOneOf

Physical appearance is a big part of South Korean K-pop culture, so it’s uncommon for members of these type of musical groups to hide their faces the way Junji has been doing for over a year. But the unusual bet paid off, as the bizarre look caused a lot of buzz around him and OnlyOneOf.

Late last month, Junji and his colleagues were invited to a popular South Korean television show (“Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller”) in which the musician explained his mysterious gaze. Apparently he got the idea in January 2020 and only planned to keep his face covered for a couple of weeks but then everyone started talking about it so he just went along.

“I didn’t like this hair at first, but since a lot of people recognized me because of it, I’m afraid if I don’t do this hair now, they won’t recognize me,” said the OnlyOneOf member.

And because the attention his mysterious gaze drew was so addicting, the K-pop idol decided to live with the fact that he could barely see through the bangs that hung over his eyes. During the last interview, he said that his bandmates have to hold his hands when they go on stage because he can barely see in front of him, and when they dance he just looks at the floor behind the pony.

If you look at the OnlyOneOf Instagram page, it seems that Junji no longer has his signature over his face, which should please fans who asked him to show his pretty face again.