Olivia Popham: Died in Texas Car Accident, Suicide

It is really heart-breaking to listen to anyone’s suicide note. One such incident took place to a TX resident Olivia Popham. But more saddening part is that, after she posted the video, she met with a horrifying accident at State highway 19 while she was driving her Nissan Sentra car. People who witnessed the accident told that she died horrifying death and it was all in span of seconds. She didn’t survive the accident and it was all instant.

As per reports that have been collected, Olivia was suffering from depression. She posted a video on her social media account (facebook) that she cannot take the pain anymore. She specifically mentioned that, if she commits suicide or something happens to her, then she don’t want to state law to give the custody of her children to her ex-husband.

Olivia took divorce with her husband recently and got separated, she was taking care of her 2 children. There is no specific reason that has come out yet behind the separation and keeping their life private is their right. Many sources are searching up for what made Olivia post such an emotional state video, but has contempt to something that has deeply made her hurt. She was just 21 years old with a happy family. Even though many sources tried making assumption and even fake bios of Olivia.

After the incident, many people around social media took over the case to an extreme emotional connection. People gave their condolences to her family and expected her to get justice for the reason behind her depression that may or may not have led to her demise. Even though she posted the Facebook video, no one expected that she will pass away through such a painful incident. It can possibly be a coincidence about her suicide note video and car accident. Possibly she was driving with extreme pressure on her mental health and sadly it caused the accident.

Netizens opinion for now wants the custody of her children to anyone but her ex-husband. But until the whole thing is investigated, the case remains same. This is a very sad news as she was the mother of two kids. Depression is a major problem in today’s society. One should not commit suicide because of depression. Olivia Popham was the young teenager who was struggling in her professional life. America witnessed an increase in the number of suicide cases in last two years.

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