One Surreal Evening With the Rap Veterans of Mount Westmore

Aging can be a humiliating process, but it’s especially hip-hop rife. The inevitable passage of time has generally been treated as an unforgivable weakness in a culture that often celebrates a particular masculine notion of strength. As a 26-year-old Compton rapper at the time, the game once put Jay-Z in an alleged shot: “You 38 and you are still rapping? Ugh. “(The Game is now 41 years old and is reportedly preparing to release a new album this year.) The mid-to-late 30s have long been considered the retirement age for rappers, despite so many qualities for the job What are required – sharp mind, quick tongue, sagacity in storytelling, wisdom – are likely to increase as well as decrease in middle age.

So where is Mount Westmore? At 49 years of age, Snoop is, in his words, “the baby of the group”. Ice Cube is 51, E-40 is 53, and Too Short is 55.

“People have their problems with it,” said Cube, “but if people love what comes out of the speakers, they’ll tolerate some gray hairs.”

Snoop noted that the Rolling Stones are in their late 70s and that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards don’t always seem to get along. “You have praised it and we are being interviewed,” he said. “We should be praised for being sane, for loving each other, for being family men, business people, and black people. If you look at the Cubes, the Will Smiths, the Jay-Zs, the Puffys, the Snoops, the Dr. Dres watching E-40s, whoever – they all switched from rap to other companies to show that you’re closing that door.We have seven or eight other doors that we opened. “

Accordingly, music is only part of the Mount Westmore plan. There is talk of brand partnerships with Monster Energy Drink and the Cash app, a documentary, a script film, podcasts and NFTs. Launching the project during a social media-focused, music-intensive event where a former “Bizaardvark” boxing star is spotlighted against a man who has never boxed before has a certain crazy logic.

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