Ophelia Nichols son Randon Nichols Death in Alabama Mobile Shooting

What happened to Randon Nichols? Ophelia Nichols son died, read the death cause 

People are keen to know about new arrivals in the entertainment industry. The latest and shocking breaking news is the death of the Randon Nichols in Alabama Shooting.  Who is he?

This is the heartbreaking news that Ophelia Nichols son Randon Nichols shot dead in a shooting accident. The news has been confirmed on by the Mobile Police Department that  Ophelia Nichols’s son died in shooting. Discover more what happened to him? How did he died?

Tiktok star Ophelia Nichols

Ophelia Nichols is an influencer on Instagram who is known for videos and clips. She has over 147K followers. According to the reports, the lady’s son Randon Lee died in Mobile Alabama Shooting. This is a devastating news for a mother who lost a son.

The Tiktok stars also known by name shoelover99. Ophelia Nichols began her journey by been nothing, but currently she has more than 6 million followers. She began her social media posting back in 2012, and it all started with Instagram.

She affectionately refers to her fan base as her “lil tater tots.” Her and her two friends also host a podcast called Tot Talks, where they discuss a variety of different topics including mental health and motherhood. She runs a website titled Shoelover99, where she posts articles on a variety of topics, telling her own stories and using it as an outlet to help out others.

Ophelia Nichols Children

randon lee nichols
Randon Lee Nichols

Apparently, she has 4 children. Her life is little private where she love to spend time with them, and doesn’t post mostly about them on social media handles. But sadly, we got a news that broke our hearts. Her son named Randon Nichols is no more. Mobile Police Department is investigating the case and will release their official report soon on the shooting incident. The young kids death is a tragic situation for the family and fans.

Randon Nichols Death Reason

ophelia nicholas

Reports claimed that Ophelia Nichols’s son died in shooting in Mobile Alabama. A 21-years old has been arrested in this case on  Friday. Mobile Police Department claimed that one male victim shot dead at Greentree Apartments. The man now identified as Randon Nichols, son of the Tiktok star Ophelia Nichols.

We are looking to get some details from authorities and trusted sources. But this is the time for mourning. That’s why we are sharing our heart felt condolences with family of Ophelia Nichols. For more updates and latest news like this one, tag along us and visit again.

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