Oscar nominated actor hits man in self defence (Woody Harrelson)

News viral from Washington, Oscar nominated famous actor Woody Harrelson involved in physical altercation on Wednesday night. He strike hit to the man in self defence. What is the exact matter? Let’s have a look on it.

The news is been reported by TMZ says the police has been called at Watergate hotel in Washington at around 11:03 PM on Wednesday 6th October. Woody Harrelson hit the intoxicated man as the man refused to stop clicking the picture of him and his daughter. The man was repeatedly taking the pictures, when Harrelson asked him to stop and delete the capture picture, he refused. He even grabs the neck of actor that’s why the actor forced to punch him back in self defence. The name of the photographer is not revealed yet but the investigation is going on by the higher authorities. No case has been filed yet, stated by police.

Harrelson was doing the shooting of the upcoming HBO series centered on the Watergate Scandal; name “THE WHITE HOUSE PLUMBERS”. The series brought down the president Richard Nixon. Actor playing the role of E. HOWARD HUNT, the CIA agent who helped orchestrates the 1972 break in at the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate.

Talking about his personnel life, He is married to Laura Louie. He is the father of three daughters. His oldest daughter, Deni Montana, 28 years old pretty lady loves to be in her own private space. She has been seen sometimes on red carpet along with her father. His second daughter, Zoe Giordano, 25 years old had been seen in short films like U2: SONG FOR SOMEONE in 2015. She was also the host of TED Talks on her school times. She talks on the need to reduce the dependency on the mobile phone. His third daughter, Makani Ravello has already made her debut in the films like LBJ and Lost in London in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

It seems Harrelson is very much protective towards his three daughters and always stay by there side either their personnel life or professional life.

The news is quite viral in the fans and also he apologized for his actions. He did it in self defence. Fans came in support of the actor.

The net worth of actor is not defined. He played roles in different movies. Even he was also seen in the Venom movie. He is nominated for the Emmys this year. Best wishes for him.

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