Otakle is the anime wordle game, today answer for gaming puzzle

Did you love playing other word games? The actual fever of all this started with Wordle. The game became extremely famous and the credit goes to word of mouth. People started sharing their score on various social media, this brought a competitive vibes among people. Yet the game is still on. The developers kept on creating new variations so that people don’t stop playing and continue to have the addiction that was lagging since long. What all games have you tried yet? Comment below and let us know.

Otakle Game

A new game was just launched called Otakle. This is all about Anime and cartoons. Your role is to guess a 5 letter anime character as per the clues given. The game begins with you have 6 chances in your hand. A clue will be given, and you have to choose a name that would suit it perfectly. If you answer right, and still have 6 chances in your closet, then you get a high score. If you answer wrong, your chances will start to decrease. Finally, lessen the chances you have lesser will be the score. So your main goal needs to be to answer the clue within less attempts.

How to play the anime game?

You just have 6 chances, so don’t forget it. Once you get a score, you can share it your friends and family to get the best result. This way, you can compete among each other. Similar to Wordle you will have one question been asked every day. There are almost 80 previously asked questions in archive to begin your streak with. Do not forget it is all about enjoying the game. Competition kept aside, the game is really interesting. As you start to feel that you are doing really well, you will start to notice more difficulty.

Daily answer and score

This cannot be easy right? Follow us for more updates and launches details of games like Wordle, Otakle, etc. It is time for you to spare some time and let the brain exercise a little. Let’s see who scores the highest, do not forget to share your scores in the comment section below.

This is the best puzzle game for the anime and gaming lovers. It was all started after the popular trend of the Wordle words game across the country.

If you love watching the anime and playing games then must try this words puzzle online. Anyone can play it on official website.

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