Outback Steakhouse Tiktok Video viral on Twitter, Explained


A Steakhouse kitchen video is making rounds in Tiktok. This Steakhouse kitchen video has been a high hot topic of discussion among the users of Tiktok. Many users have got different views regarding this video.

It is well known that Tiktok is a platform that provides many funny videos, that usually provide a good amount of entertainment. It also gives valuable information, and famous place for people be happy.

At first, it was reported by Daily Dot, a 14-second Tiktok was captioned as getting whopped on a Monday. This stuff got viral in no time and got as high as 50,000 views.

Behind the scenes video’s behind the scene

The original video was first posted and later deleted by the person who shared it first. It was nothing but just a person cooking many steaks. Also, the appearance of the grill seems confusing and bothers him. Although the kitchen looks normal but still the chefs do all the magic.

Not needed to say anything, social media users needlessly jumped into discussions that can go easily viral. Pointing about the kitchen many users why the pressers are used, and why grills are on 7. They feel the grills are packed way too much unnecessarily. One user supported the chefs by saying the kitchen is not dirty because of rodents but because of cooking food for more than 200 people in less than a few hours. It is not a mess.

Many people do not show it but these are guys are choosing mess. There are a few users who are not at all happy with the messy situation of the kitchen.

People said that the kitchen was not looking like the kitchens of the restaurants where you would prefer to eat. Some people said they do not want to eat outside.

This is terrible stuff making rounds in Tiktok and people are divided over these simple things. So, it would be interesting to see how this news dries down in time.

Tiktok videos are just for fun and they should always be treated in a light manner.

Viewers reaction on twitter

The video became viral on the Twitter platform. It received over million views in just few hours. Many users posted their comments and reacted to the video of Steakhouse Tiktok. It has been shared by unknown users on the platform. For many, it was a funny stuff who just shared for fun purpose while many reacted shockingly to this video .

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