Oxlade video leaked on Twitter, now it is trending on social media

You never know what is going to happen. You just wake up one morning and find your life turning around that very instance. One such incident took place with the young sensational singer Oxlade. He saw his video been used as a clip and tape all over social media, Twitter. People are raging out their excitement on throwing comments on this young singer. Let us see what else do we know about this?

Oxlade full name is Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman. He was born in Surulere. He is currently studying at Lagos State University. The 24 years old, young singer, became famous after his ‘AWAY’ song got released. It was included in the top 50 best songs in Rolling Stone list. What exactly is the fuss about that is been trending on Twitter?

Looks like Oxlade shared an inappropriate video to his friend in which he was depicting his skills. He wanted to show his friend how he was smashing an unidentified girl. All this was to maintain his Snap streak with his friend. But looks like things went around pretty soon. His friend then recorded this video and released it online. People started to share this content all over internet. The streak to be maintained now became global talk of the hour.

As we all know SnapChat has a feature that disappears the content after watching it for a certain time. People used SnapChat for the purpose. But there are always loop hole that may get you in trouble. So, basically, Oxlade took over the video and shared with his friend. His friend then recorded it and shared online.

People started to share it on the consent of what is happening. But later people started to encourage his skills (wrong skills). Things took around, people started to lash comments on how wonderful he is. The video is been viral all over Twitter and people are sharing it in a fuss. We do not know about the person in video along with Oxlade.

There are users on the social media who are sharing the memes and different pictures on the incident. Many fans are debating on social media on the video leak. It is not sure who leaked the clip and pictures on web. Oxlade will release an official statement in the matter. He is being criticized by the fans for the viral clips and pictures in public. For more information stay tuned with us.

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