Painter of the Night chapter 96 released, read the highlights of series

Painter of the night is a very famous adult historic drama comic series with some spice of romance. It is an adult Yaoi drama which is among the prior list of viewers. The way it has been characterized, narrative and showing artwork is highly appreciated. It’s inception for its high quality makes it famous among the fans and make it one of the most read series of Japan. Around 10 millions copies has been sold worldwide till now. Fans add eagerly waiting for the 96 chapter of this series. now the wait is over, this chapter is going to be released in March 2022. Let’s have a look what is the content of this knew chapter.

Painter of the Night chapter 96

Painter of the night series was published on 14th of may 2019 in three different languages including Korean, Japanese and English. This beautiful series has been illustrated by Byeonduck. The series has got first rank in best BL Lezhin award 2019.

Now fans can read this comic online also. Yes you read it right, this manga is available on the website Lezhin Comics. The comic is available in 3 languages that is Korean, English and Japanese.

The new chapter of the Painter of the Night chapter 96 has been released online and it is getting the good response from the fans and readers. This episode is breaking on the social media among the manga and anime fans.

Expected Release date

According to the sources, the release date of this upcoming chapter 96 of this series will going to be released on 4th of March 2022, that is this coming Friday.

After the 96th chapter, the chapter 97 will bring more suspense and excitement for the watchers. The major highlights of the chapter 96 are here.

What is the main highlights of the series?

The series revolves around the young painter name NA- KYUM. He was a very young and has an appreciable talent for painting. since his childhood, he used to make erotic images of men. But it’s been a long time since he left to draw images. The another character is a famous noble man name Seungho, He is known for his unsatisfying lust. he forces the young kid to draw erotic’s for him despite ignoring his Disinteresting appeal. In this 96 chapter you will come across many new characters. So, Packed up you things and go for a series watch.

Fans can watch it or stream it now on the official platform.

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