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Paris Harvey Accidentally Shoots Cousin Kuaron And Herself Dead

Accidents takes place now and then, but this news that we are about to cover will shock you. One girl named Paris Harvey shot her cousin whose name was Kuaron. This situation took place while cutting a cake. The whole incident was live on Instagram, and later police named it as ‘accident’. Currently, the family is going through the trauma of losing 2 of their lovely children. They wouldn’t have expected such an incident over the time. But, let’s see what exactly happened on that night.

Both the girls were from Missouri. One of them was 14 years old, and another 12 years. With the consent on point, they went to a birthday party. During the cake cutting, the video of the incident was live. People were enjoying the birthday party and suddenly, there was a shot of gun. 14 years old Paris Harvey accidently shot her 12 years old cousin Kuaron. Later when it was revealed that Kuaron is dead, in panic Paris Harvey shot herself. This situation took place on a live video stream on Instagram.

At 2 A.M. in the night, the authorities arrived and took over the case. Apparently, the parents of both the victims are siblings. Now, they have lost 2 children of their family. After an in-depth investigation, it was stated that the whole incident was just a mere accident. Harvey’s mother didn’t see the incident on the live Instagram feed. She got to know about it from her relatives after knowing that her angel was dead. We haven’t seen any such incident in the recent days, and we don’t wish to see any. Even the authorities are shocked after seeing this havoc situation.

Stay tuned with us to get more information on the online accident that took place recently. Authorities have said the parents to take this as a severe lesson, and never give any armoury to children. We recommend the same thing, keep in touch with us to get to know more such incidents taking place around the world.

When Harvey’s mother heard the news of her angel being hit by a car, she was heartsick. She didn’t see it on live Instagram feed but knew something terrible had happened when relatives told them about what they saw online later that day- stunningly beautiful images showed just how special this child really was without even realizing it! The authorities were also shocked at first sight after noticing all these chaos on Twitter.

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