Park soo Young Lizzy Sentence to Prison punishment

Park Soo Young popularly known as Lizzy was arrested on 19th May 2021 for breaking out the traffic accident while she was alcoholic. She admitted her mistake in front of police. The incident took place on 18th of May. The first hearing of this case was today (27th September, 2021). The decision was announced by Seoul Central District Court.

The public get agitated due to the biasness of the decision. Public is asking why the Super Junior member Kangin has not received the same punishment for the same crime.

Many Netizens share their opinion regarding the punishment to the Lizzy. People raising voice against the Kangin as the Super Junior star has multiple Driving under the influence and yet not received any harsh punishment till now. This is because he is very much popular among all.

If we highlight on Kangin DUI, in 2009 the hit and run case was filed over him. He had to pay 8 million won which nearly about $6000. He again was in limelight due to DUI in 2016. While leaving the show Super Junior in 2019, he was addressing that he don’t want to create troubles to other members of the group because of his irrelevant behavior.

Talking about Lizzy case, the incident took place at the south intersection of the Yongdong Bridge in Gangam-do. She was drunk and hit the taxi with his car. Although there was not bloody injury happened but the alcohol concentration in the blood of star was high enough (0.197%) to be revoked then.

During her first hearing Lizzy committed her crime and asking for the apology. The court rejected all her plead and sentence her to prison for 1 year. The charges allocated on Lizzy were under the Additional Punishment Law on specific crime and violating the Road Traffic Act with her Driving under the Influence.

Now, it remains to see how this decision will impact on Kangin’s earlier decision of letting go with the charge of paying fine only.

Her request and decision took social media soon where fans urged for the soft punishment for her. She apologized for the mistake and crime. She got the media’s attention and fan’s sympathy.

She has 338K followers on Instagram. She is a popular star in Korea with millions fans in Asia. Her net worth is $1.4 million. By her acting, dancing videos and singing she made lots of loving fans on the social media. She will seen on screens very soon again.

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