Houston Paul Dibello Death and Obituary, Car accident news

Houston’s social media figure Paul Whiskey is dead. What is his cause of death?

Club promoters are getting high popularity these days thanks to their cheerful presence in the clubs usually. The popularity of club celebrities are reaching sky high level these days thanks to the presence of huge number of visitors in the clubs and their connection getting instant hit with the club promoters. This is highly essential to their social media presence being a great hit these days. There is a piece of news of such figure dying in a car crash that can be said to be a major case of today. We are talking about none other than Paul Dibello aka Paul Whisky here.

Who was Paul Dibello?

Paul Dibello who was actually a very highly popular club promoter in Houston has actually died due to a car crash that happened quite early Saturday morning and took away his life in minutes. To the shock of every single person who is curious about his age, his age was just 34 and not more at all. This accidental incident has actually taken away a star who had a lot of potential that could have been easily fulfilled in the future. Although people know him as a popular club promoter but actually he was more popular as a social media figure who was very popular among the social media platform users.

Paul Dibello Death Cause

This guy, Paul Dibello had actually grown up in Pasadena was a very exciting and extremely popular star in the night life of the clubs of Houston. He has a promoter had worked charmingly for the people. As a social media star you can see that he had more than 200000 followers in his Instagram account that was actually full of a lot of funny videos that had made him popular with ease. This death is going to leave a big gap in the society.

Paul Dibello Obituary

The fans shared the death of Paul Dibello on the social media. The death news has been confirmed and covered by the local media. The cause of death is not known yet. He was the popular social media figure from Texas. He passed away at the age of 34 years. Dibella was a wonderful popular figure in Houston’s. The energy that this man carries with himself always seems so full of life and you can’t help but want some for yourself after being around someone sogiving. His death news is very heartbreaking for club fans.

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