Philadelphia Train Assault Video: Is it on Reddit leak?

It has been a question that revolve around any individual mind whenever we encounter a physical assault. One such incident took place in Philadelphia train. The news reporters stated that a man was accused for assaulting a woman in train for almost 40 minutes. Many people in and around the train, just took over their phones recording the scene but no one have taken a step to intervene.

As per the director of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Bureau, the accused man first assaulted, harassed and eventually raped the woman passing around 20 stations. The saddening part is that no one took any action against this physical assault.

It was an employee of the transportation department who called 911 reporting the situation. The police and authorities arrested the man at the last stop. As per the police statement, they took over the situation within 3 minutes after they received a call. What makes this more anguishing is that if at least a single person could have attempted to call the authority at the initial time of incident, it could have been avoided.

Think about the mental state of the woman after this incident. Isn’t that hurts thinking about someone facing such a harsh harassment. If we think about mental state of people around the incident, a professional statement was made by Elizabeth Jellick, a professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She stated that it could be difficult for people to physically interrupt any such situation but there were options such as calling the authorities. She clearly quoted that “When we have multiple people, people don’t necessarily intervene.” Which indeed makes us feel sad.

The authorities have pointed that the surveillance clearly displayed people hanging out their phones towards the woman and recording it. Even though there hasn’t been any submission yet, but is clear that people didn’t take any action against the assault that took place in front of their eyes.

One of the investigator of the case stated that Ngoy (accused) sat next to the woman (victim) around 9:15 in evening. It wasn’t even a minute of time before all this started. After investigating in detail, a video showed that the woman tried to push him several times away and tried to escape, but sadly around 09:52 in the evening someone in the train saw Ngoy tearing off her pants in attempt to rape her.

The authorities will surely take up actions against the people who just stood their recording the incident and not taking a step forward to intervene or even taking a thought of calling the authorities.

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