Posterdle Game is destination for movie puzzle lovers, answers & hints


Posterdle is the new destination for the movie puzzle solvers by solving puzzle using posters

If you are big fan of movies and shows, so this new game is only for you. You must know about the puzzle game Posterdle. The game is recently at high peak and everyone who play it, love it. We have already seen so many versions of this game. There are lots of versions are available for the puzzle game. This time we come up with another version with little difference. The game is for the one who have enough Knowledge of movies. So, let’s have a look on this new game and see what are the rules which engulf them. Let’s have a look on the rules and playing trick for the Posterdle game.

What is Posterdle game?

The game has came in the end month of March. The game is very much resembled with the music guessing name Heardle, testing users in which you have to guess the music in one second clip. Similarly, you have to guess the movie by watching the available posters on puzzle. In different posters, you will see different scenes in compressed form. Each time you skip the scene, next time it will become more typical. If you guess the correct movie, you can share your results at social media and can challenge your friends too.

How to play the Posterdle game?

The Posterdle game is available on its official website. To play this game you have to click on the website and start the game. One you click on the play button; one second clip will play. If you not get the answer, you can skip and click on the play button again. You can skip the clip until you can’t get it but within certain limit. This limit is 6 chances. Yes, you will have only 6 chances to guess the correct movie. Apart from this, you can play Posterdle game once in a day. And each day the clip is different.

Moviedle is also based on same concept

Yes, this facility is totally available on the website. Player can also play the previous days game, if they missed out. It’s very easy to play the previous moviedle game. You can click on the calendar icon in the top right corner of the screen. Scroll down on the previous days and you can get what you want. You can also play the game on victory/ loss screen.
Wordle is now become the world famous game. The owner of this game made this for his beloved wife/ girlfriend as she loves the words.

The answers are based on the puzzles and hints provided to the official website. Here you need to guess the movie name by watching the poster on the screen.

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