President Biden: Queen Reminds Me of My Mom

President Biden called Queen Elizabeth “extremely gracious” and said she reminded him of his mother after a meeting at Windsor Castle on Sunday.

“She reminded me of my mother in appearance and generosity,” he said, adding that he didn’t think the comparison would “offend her.”

The two exchanged stories about life at Windsor Castle and the White House and how to deal with visits from the public, and they enjoyed tea with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.

Mr Biden said the queen asked about China’s leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir V. Putin. Mr Biden will meet with Mr Putin on Wednesday and close the Group of Seven meeting on Sunday by warning of China’s growing influence.

Before tea, Mr. Biden and the Queen inspected an honor guard of grenadiers in the sun-drenched square of the palace. The Queen has sought refuge in Windsor since leaving Buckingham Palace early last year when the coronavirus pandemic hit Britain.

It was Mr Biden’s last meeting before leaving for Brussels, the next stop on his European tour. And it was a gentle coda to a visit that included an ice-breaking meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose pro-Brexit administration was once considered ideological with Mr Biden’s predecessor, Donald J. Trump.

Mr Johnson praised Mr Biden as a “breath of fresh air” and said he and the President were “completely on the same page” on issues such as climate change and education for women and girls.

Still, every time the President visits the UK, it is the meeting with the Queen that most symbolizes what diplomats on both sides still reflexively call the “special relationship” between the two nations – a term Johnson recently said he likes not him because he doesn’t like him made Britain sound needy.

It was the second visit that weekend for the Bidens and the Queen. In the Cornwall region of the UK on Friday during a summit photo, the Queen joked with the group of 7 leaders, cutting a cake with a sword.

Mr Biden had met the Queen before that weekend, but not since 1982 when he was a Senator on a trip sponsored by the UK-US Parliamentary Group that promotes Parliament-Congress relations.

After nearly seven decades on the throne, the Queen has met every American president since Harry S. Truman except Lyndon B. Johnson.