President Biden Will Give Each American A Free Minor In Digital Humanities From SUNY Oswego

More than 44 million Americans share a collective debt burden of $ 1.5 trillion, and that number is only growing because of skyrocketing tuition fees and high interest rates. Fortunately, President Biden has just signed an ordinance that will make life a lot easier for Americans pursuing a college degree: the government will now give every American a free minor in Digital Humanities from SUNY Oswego.


In a press conference today, Biden announced that all US citizens over the age of 18 will soon receive a diploma certifying the completion of 18 Digital Humanities Credits at SUNY Oswego. With millions of Americans struggling to make payments on their student loans, a free minor who shows they’ve completed courses such as Fundamentals of Digital Imagery and Ethics and Social Policy in the Digital Age will keep our next generation from doing the sort of thing Crippling is stuck in debts the generation before them endured.

“Students who would have taken out thousands of dollars in college education can now instead save their money and use their Digital Humanities minor to help secure employment opportunities that include skills such as digital text analysis, digital mapping and web design,” said he the president. “At the very least, these minors should qualify all Americans for internships that, while not full-time positions, definitely provide the workplace experience and networking necessary to build a career in the field.”

If that wasn’t big enough, Biden went on to say that he will help those who have already amassed college debt by giving them a Dean’s List certificate stating that their accumulated GPA is at least in their Digital Humanities Minor a was 3.8 and by receiving an award entitled “The Mark C. Heller Award for Excellence in the Digital Humanities” to Americans with a student loan of more than $ 100,000.

This is so great! A free Digital Humanities minor from one of the best SUNY satellite campuses will contribute so much to the many Americans who otherwise would have gone to college that they will face terrible credit scores and payments that they simply could not afford. Well done President Biden!

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