Queerdle Words game – New Alternative of Wordle Answers Today

Queerdle is the new Wordle alternative: Know today’s answer and hints

If you are also a fan of the famous Wordle game, then here is a good news for you. A new version of the Wordle game has come, its name is Queerdle. This will let you enjoy the whole new gaming experience with a twist of LGBTQ+ theme. Read our article till the very end to be amazed and know everything about the game.

What is Queerdle game?

Looking for another Wordle substitute? Then Queerdle is the place to be. This LGBTQ+ themed word game bills itself as a “yassification of Wordle,” anticipating six to eight-letter sentences based on LGBTQ+ allusions.

Queerdle, by Jordan Bouvier, is made up of phrases having LGBTQ+ history, vernacular, and meanings (the latter of which means it contains some idioms), such as ‘Switch’ and ‘Frock.’ Queerdle, like Wordle, provides you six chances to identify the word properly, highlighting letters in grey when you get them incorrect, green when you get them right and in the appropriate location, and yellow when you get them right but in the wrong area – with the word resetting every 24 hours. Unlike Wordle, you may submit your own words for consideration.

Queerdle game Rules

If you spell the word properly, you’ll get a pop-up that says “Shantay you stay!” (A reference to RuPaul’s Drag Race), a link to learn more about the phrase (if it has historical importance), and the ability to submit your discoveries. If you forecast a word that hasn’t yet been entered into the system, you’ll get the following message: “You must be rather clever if you guessed that word! Derrick Barry is a frequent visitor!” (In reference to Drag Queen Derrick Barry)

How to play Queerdle game?

Queerdle may be viewed via its official website as well as any device capable of launching a web browser. Queerdle is one of countless Wordle emojis that have emerged since the word game’s debut in October 2021. We’ve seen music clone Heardle, the obscene Lewdle, the more challenging Scholardle, and the geography-focused Worldle, to name a few.

Queerdle is available to play online from its website or through any device that can launch a web browser. It’s one of many Wordle emojis which have emerged since the word game was first introduced as the new alternative of words game.

The Queerdle can be played online at https://queerdle.com/. Also one can read the instructions given on screen.

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