Raid bot identity Host00312 Twitch Problem Solved

Twitch is one of the big and famous live streaming platform in the United States. It is very successful in the esports and streamers audiences. Many made their their career and lives from this platform. But great things comes with big troubles also. We are saying of the fake bot raids and fake users on the Twitch. The Twitch support team is very much concerned to solve this problem. This time Host00312 a Twitch streamer account has been listed into the raid bot list. The account is now banned by the Twitch because it was fake and for the purpose of the hate raids.

Who is Host00312?

According to the information shared by Twitch’s official support team on the Twitter, Host00312 is the name of the account of the user which is listed into the raid ban list of the Twitch. It is against TOS and policy of the Twitch which uses fake bot views and engagement to the streams and videos. This is major problem on the web these days.

The real name and identity of Host00312 has not been shared. It is kept private as the profiles on the Instagram and Twitter are also private. But this account raised a lot of unanswered queries for the Twitch users.

Other fake bot accounts using same tags

There are the number of accounts and tags are running under the same tag of the Host00312 but all are fake. Few examples are hoss00312, host00320, etc. The Twitch team is working closely to solve the problem. They are taking actions against such fake accounts and raid bots.

Twitch seeking support from the users and appreciated to those who reported such accounts to the team. If you also facing any such kind of issue with fake views and raid bots on the video or stream then report it as soon as possible.

There are also many malicious accounts running on the Twitch with same tag name.

There are the millions of users who are using Twitch each day. It is necessary to ensure cyber security and stay away from the scams. The Twitch team is doing their best to solve the problem and serve the best experience to their visitors.

Lots of the gamers and eSports personality also makes good monthly earnings from the Twitch by grabbing the views and followers. They show their gaming skills to the fans online in the live streams.

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