Rapper ChillinIT Arrested: Real Name, Songs and Net Worth


Blake James Turnell, who is better known as ChillinIT, is the well known rapper. He is from New South Wales from Sydney. The rapper is around 28 years old. News has been viral that the rapper has been arrested. Let us find out is this real news or rumors?

Who is ChillinIT?

Few days ago, a video has been viral on social media which showing arrest of ChillinIT. In this video, he was seems buying present for his mother on the occasion of Christmas. This video was his last instagram story few hours back. The video is recorded by none other than his beloved mother. In that video, Rapper was surrounds by number of police officers. But we are not sure is this video is real or just to make to raise followers and being highlighted. In the video, ChillinIT was searched by authorities.

ChillinIT Arrested

There is not official statement come out about arrest warrant of the rapper. Even people do not about the charge he has been arrest for, but form the videos we can conclude one point that he was not wearing mask in public place. This may be the reason, he is arrested. But as we said earlier, there is not any official news.

ChillinIT Debut Song

Talking more about the rapper, in the month of 2018, he released his debut studio album Women weed and Wordplay. ChillinIT is not married yet, but he used to live with his loving mother. ChillinIT family lived in Lebanon earlier but his whole family move to Australia. We don’t know about the name of his mother. But in September, ChillinIT released one new song with the name ‘Susan’s son’, which is getting linked with the name of his mother. One of the hits albums of ChillinIT is “The Octagon”. He gets lots of popularity through this album.

Net Worth in 2021

He is best known in Hip Hop form. The net worth of ChillinIT is around $100 to 1 million. He is a professional rapper and earned through this profession. ChillinIT is much closer to his mother; sometimes he sings song for his mother too.

ChillinIT is also an Instagram music personality with over 301K followers. Last month, he rolled his latest album for fans which was liked by followers. His arrest news is breaking among hip-hop community on social media.

So, stay tuned with us until we get update regarding his arrest news and case.

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