Rapper Hypo Mashtown stabbed to death, his real name and instagram

Hypo Mashtown is dead. Who killed the Emeli Sande rapper? Read the full report.

People have recently been talking about the death of a famous rapper whose name is Emeli Sande. Well, the news is currently trending in order that he was very famous and apparently was murdered. The video of him been murdered is been regulating around, and it isn’t something that needs to be on trending right? People are hoping to read everything about the news, that’s why we brought up every detail we could on this case. So read our article till the very end to know more.

What happened with rapper Hypo?

He was in his 30s and had recorded himself arriving at Redbridge’s Jubilee Bank Holiday Event before he tragically died. Police believe that others also filmed Hypo being stabbed, and have suggested that horrific footage could have been captured on mobile phones. Hypo, an ex-songstress Emeli Sande, died shortly after midnight, June 3, at Ashton Town Playing Fields in Chigwell Road.

Hypo Mashtown’s instagram latest post before he died

Hypo was updating his Instagram Stories hours before his death. He was filming himself arriving at the party in a car with a friend. Later, he was seen enjoying the crowd while uploading more footage to his social media. People left condolences below the comments on his latest Instagram photo. Laurence Smith, Detective Chief Inspector, stated that the man was attacked at an event and that many people were present. Anyone who has not yet spoken with me to let us know about what they saw. They are asking for any footage or information to come forward.

Hypo Mashtown Death Cause

The videos that are trending might have led the authorities to something obvious. Also many fans paid tribute to the rapper on social media. Hypo rapper has over 22K followers on Instagram.

Police officials are investigating the motive of the killing.

If you are one of those who are still trying to search for the reason behind the death, then he was murdered. We are still awaiting for some legal action to be taken by the authorities against the murders, but so far no leads have been found. The person who murdered him is possibly under custody or has escaped, but the videos that are trending are clearly leading the authorities to something obvious. That’s why we need to cover up more details, so follow us for regular updates on the news.

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