Rapper Muwop Oblock Arrested in case of FBG Duck death

As we know that FBG Duck, a Chicago based rapper was killed in a shooting. After the investigation, the police arrested 5 persons in this case. They are the known artists of the rap industry. FBG Duck’s mom revealed that members of Oblock group have been arrested. They are C-Thang, Zell, Muwop, etc. The 5 guys were involved in shooting and killing of FBG Duck. Zell is the name of the shooter and one of the members of the group who committed suicide in August. The other four members are taken into the custody by police. They are main suspects of this case.

Who is Muwop?

Muwop is a rapper who got fame for the rapping and hip-hop songs. The rapper is the member of the musical group Oblock.

His real name is Mufasa Wopson. He is one of the main accused in the plotting the murder of rapper FBG Duck. Duck’s mom revealed the names on the Twitter of those who killed their son.

Muwop’s age is 23-years old. He came into music from the recording music and rap songs on Youtube. He released songs in collab with other artists in the group. His real birth date is not revealed in public.

Muwop’s music career and songs

Muwop have an active YouTube channel where he got 72K followers. We found his recent releases and music videos on the youtube. Like others he was also making his music career in rap industry. On his Instagram, we found the pictures where he seen with luxury cars and brands.

The rapper’s family background is not available. He lives a luxury life as he owns expensive cars and branded things. The Muwop’s net worth is $1.5 million. The source of his income is through music, production, shows and albums.

The rapper has total 260K followers on his official Instagram account which is @muwopfrmdao.

Is Muwop arrested?

Muwop has been arrested by the police in the murder charges of the rapper FBG Duck. The other details of the rapper is kept confidential and private until the investigation is completed. According the reports, he with four others present at the parking shot in Chacago where shooting incident took place.

As per theories circulating on social media, this is a rival incident between the two gang or music groups. One of the shooters Zell committed suicide in August month. The other four are in the police custody for further investigation. The more updates will be posted soon.

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